Case Study: Salvation Army

The Project

The Salvation Army building in Ardmore, Oklahoma is located in Ardmore’s vibrant downtown. The building is a mid-century modern design. Keeping true to the genre was an important aspect of the decision making process for the building’s leadership team.

The Challenge

The flat-roof had been in a state of disrepair due to improper drainage, improper roof top HVAC systems curb placement and lack of maintenance. The old asbestos slate shingles on the sanctuary posed a problem for repairs, therefore years of disrepair had taken its toll. The roof needed a tear off and drying of the metal deck.

The Solution

First, we conducted a pre-construction meeting between trades to ensure all trades could perform work simultaneously, utilizing the same heavy equipment. Furthermore, we designated staging areas for tools, materials and equipment. Next, we started the roof tear off, only taking off what we could cover in a day. Next, we installed an 2” Versico Poly-ISO insulation system. We fully adhered Versiweld 60 mil TPO utilizing sprayable Versico CAV-Grip adhesive. We installed custom architectural 24 gauge 4” x 4” metal edge with 22 gauge continuous cleat and covered with Versico cover tape.

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