Why Not Us?

Here's why not

It’s entirely possible that we may not be the best roofing company for you. It’s better that you know that now instead of after you’ve signed an agreement with us.

You may be better off with another roofer if:

Low price is all that matters to you.

We use quality materials and employ professional roofers who are appropriately compensated for their expertise and reliability. Our customers hire us because they want a roof they can depend on, and we can’t give them that if we’re the cheapest roofer in town.

You want to scam your insurance company.

If you’re looking for someone to help you file a fraudulent claim, we can’t help. Look for another roofing contractor.

You want a spray-on foam roof.

If you’re set on using spray-on foam for your roof, we’re not the right roofer for you. While spray-on foam is sometimes an appropriate solution, we’ve found these roofs to be difficult to repair and replace. The low installation cost is usually offset by the high cost of repair, maintenance, and replacement.

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Evans Roofing is a Johns Manville Approved Roofing Contractor for TPO low slope roofing and Authorized Contractor for Versico Roofing Systems.