Case Study: 130 NW 17th

The Project

This apartment building is an OKC architectural gem, located in the midtown area of OKC.

The Challenge

The flat-roof had a well planned taper system installed during the last roof’s installation. The roof was not leaking, the system as dry. Therefore, this was a perfect candidate for VersiFleece 115 mil TPO adhered with Dash low rise foam adhesive. The building’s roof access was a challenge due to the urban environment and building height.

The Solution

The roof was prepared for the installation of the fleeceback TPO by cleaning the roof surface and preparing the roof penetrations and parapet walls.

The fleeceback TPO was adhered utilizing Versico Dash low rise foam adhesive. All parapet walls were waterproofed with VersiFleece 115 mil TPO and adhered with Versico Cav-Grip adhesive.

We installed custom architectural 24 gauge 4” x 4” metal edge with 22 gauge continuous cleat and covered with Versico cover tape.

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Evans Roofing is a Johns Manville Approved Roofing Contractor for TPO low slope roofing and Authorized Contractor for Versico Roofing Systems.